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High quality therapeutic services in Cornwall and online

Hello and welcome! This is our home page which will give you an outline of Ongoing Support and what we do. We hope that you enjoy our site which we think is quite simple and easy to use. As we believe that humour is an essential part of life, we have used cartoons to depict the ‘lighter-side of life’, and we do hope that you enjoy them.

If you want to know about any CPD’s or upcoming events, either click on what’s new where you will be greeted by our super news feed from our main social media pages, or visit our events diary to see at a glance what groups/projects that are active, such as our therapy groups and relaxation / meditation groups. Or you could join us on facebook to share interests on articles, discussions and video links, and/or twitter for regular updates and therapy tips. We now also have a psychobabble blog that is open to guest bloggers, blogging about anything and everything therapeutic.

What is ‘Ongoing Support’?

Ongoing Support is a community based organisation based in St Austell, Cornwall. it was set up in 2002 and our aim is to offer therapeutic support to any individual, regardless of their circumstances, and to provide high quality professional supervision and training to counsellors, psychotherapists, that are either practicing or still in training.

Our practice has two main therapeutic aims: Firstly, to work at a content level, which will be dealing with the presenting issues and problems that you may bring; and secondly to work at a process level, to understand and change underlying patterns of experience (feelings/thoughts/behaviours) that may be the root cause of any presenting problem(s). This method of working ensures that you are more likely to receive long term positive outcomes that will empower you as a person and reduce the likelihood of you repeatedly returning to therapy in the future; this is the ethos behind Ongoing Support, that being aware of your own process enables you to be empowered and supportive of yourself, no matter what difficulties may arise.

depression-lack-of-enjoymentGive a man a fish
and he will eat for a day.
Teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.

It really is like a carpenter learning how to pick out and use the right chisel for the job, or the plumber knowing which joint to tap and which nut to tighten – once you learn about yourself (the nice and not-so-nice bits), let go of some of the baggage you have been carrying around with you, learn how to solve daily problems that crop up (yes – you will still encounter them), and learn how to respect, love and take care of yourself – then these really are skills for life that you will never ‘unlearn’, after all – you can’t unknow what you know!

The term ‘ongoing support’ also applies to those in training or qualified psychotherapists and counsellors; that we as professionals need to keep our knowledge up to date through reading, researching and training, and to take care of our personal and professional selves through our own psychotherapy or counselling, and also through professional supervision. We are passionate about providing high quality training and CPD’s to counsellors and psychotherapists – right here in Cornwall, ensuring high quality therapeutic practitioners that benefit the community directly.

What therapeutic services do you offer?

We offer many different services to: individuals, couples, families, groups, counsellors, counselling students, businesses, and organisations.

In the form of: psychotherapy, counselling, skype counselling and online therapy, supervision, support groups, relaxation and meditation groups, continued professional development workshops (CPD), personal development workshops, training and short workshops, mediation, coaching, study groups, and parenting groups.

With issues such as: depression, anxiety, stress, shame, anger, aggression, relationship difficulties, communication problems, divorce and breakups, physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, domestic violence, any past or present abuse, bereavement and loss, personality disorders, sexual problems, eating disorders, obesity, substance misuse, smoking cessation, addictions, asperger syndrome, autism, physical disability, social difficulties, tourettes syndrome, phobias, and public speaking problems (to mention a few!).

This list represents some of the issues that we have dealt with in the past. However these issues do not really represent you as a person, and although they are an opening point to how you might not currently be happy with yourself, others or your life, we feel it’s important to see you as a person rather than an issue you might be struggling with.


So all of the support and therapy we offer is very personal and individually based, in other words, it’s tailored around each individual and their needs. We think that this is really important, as no two people are alike.

Who can access your services?

We offer our counselling, psychotherapy, supervision and our other community services to any individual, couple, family or group living/working in Cornwall. It is important that you are engaged with a counsellor / psychotherapist that is right for you. For this reason we offer a completely free session with one of our therapists, and offer either a male of female counsellor / psychotherapist, creating an opportunity for everybody to meet each other, ask questions, and decide ‘where to go’ from there!

As a private provider of psychotherapy and counselling, we do not have waiting lists, and we do not have a limit to the number of sessions that we can offer you, and we are available both during the daytime and the evening across the week, without any hidden charges, fees, or costs. There are times when you may experience financial difficulties, in response to this we can offer our services at a lower cost, depending on your personal and financial circumstances. These concessions are based on a system of self-worth and self-value for both you and your therapist.

Who runs Ongoing Support?


Ongoing Support has been set up and is being run by Dena Marshall and Mark Bottrill. We are partners in both life and work, and have been practicing clinical psychotherapy and counselling in Cornwall (based in Bodmin initially, then St Austell) since 1999.

We both have a variety of experience spanning over many years in working with adults and children, individually, within groups, and within a residential setting, covering a wide range of issues: examples include past and present physical, sexual and mental abuse, mental health issues, addictions, anxiety, self-harm, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Autism, Asperger Syndrome, Tourette’s Syndrome, physical disability, phobias, mood disorders and depression, eating disorders and personality disorders.

Our own growth and learning is very important to us both, and we have regular monthly supervision, from a TSTA (Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst), as well as weekly peer supervision. We practice using BACP, UKCP, and ITA guidelines, are BACP and ITA members, and keep up to date with psychotherapy theory, practice, and progress through reading, studying, workshops, and conferences.

Mark has been a senior mental health supervisor for a voluntary led NHS funded mental health service for over 9 years. Dena manages Ongoing Support on a daily basis, and has a special interest in computer technology and website design/building.


We are also both qualified and experienced martial artist instructors (traditional karate), where the bringing together of mind, body and spirit (otherwise known as ‘the martial way’ or ‘way of life’) promotes harmony, knowledge, integrity, respect, and courage. And finally we really do like to have fun, laugh and enjoy ourselves and our life.

For more information about Dena and Mark please visit our portfolio page.

How can I contact you?

We have made a point of not working ordinary hours, so you can contact us evenings and weekends as well as during the day. Contact us anytime between the hours of 9am and 10pm using the details at the bottom of the page.

Our Website


We like to be very much ‘hands-on’ here at Ongoing Support, so this website is completely designed, built, and maintained by Dena. She also builds websites for other people, links to which you can find on our links page. If you are interested in having Dena build and host (and optionally maintain) your website, please contact her directly.